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"Sisters" was inspired, predictably, by the love I have for my sister; a woman who's creativity served as a powerful example to me and who's talent and beauty I will always admire. My home and family are never without her, so long as "Sisters" hangs on the wall. It's hard to choose a favorite of your own art but, if pressed to do so, this would be it. 

"Sisters" is a member of my earliest series of work. When I first started painting, the work was more random as I was stabbing in the dark looking for both my own style and the medium to express it. By the time I had started on the Sisters, I had already begun experimenting with inks and was beginning to get excited about the possibilities. Within days of each other, I had painted the "Sisters", "Deep Down", "Dusk Haven", "Moorish Garland" and "Through Light". Each piece in the series matches excellently with the others, and may also be paired with late-comers "Red Sky in the Morning" , "Four Moons" and "Night Dance". 

The deep blues and submerged theme of "Sisters" tends to lend itself very well to bathrooms and darker colored bedrooms. Though many that I've talked to have it in their office or, life myself, their living room. 

The original piece was done using an acrylic ink paint on watercolor paper. The technique is very similar to watercolor but tends to keep more vibrant hews and dries permanently to the paper.

The copyright watermark will not appear in the print you receive.

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