Silent Night

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"Silent Night" is the latest of my ongoing "Feminine Spirits" collection. (Those of you who have read several of these may start wondering when I'm going to add dates, so you'll be able to reference 'latest' better. ;)) It was among my earliest spring collection 2013 and came to me as the the first and last real snow flurry of the year blew into the lower mainland of BC this year. For those of us who live in snow country, a gentle night fall of snow - when the flakes are huge, but can only be seen as they pass through the light of a streetlamp - is a special treat. The whole world seems quiet, peaceful and only half awake. Silent Night, the Christmas Carol, taps into that feeling for me. 

The original piece was done using an acrylic ink paint on watercolor paper. The technique is very similar to watercolor but tends to keep more vibrant hews and dries permanently to the paper.

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