Moment of Silence

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"Moment of Silence" is a product of my earliest efforts to find my style, medium and artistic expression. Vancouver summers are really something special so, having just experienced my first, I felt a lot like someone in the earliest stages of a new love; intensified by having just gotten married. As autumn set in, the vibrant sunsets bounced light off the mountains in hews I'd though were only the product of Hollywood movies and Photoshop. I turned to my acrylic paints (all that I had at the time) and a wood canvas, and tried to capture the feeling of quiet, appreciative awe I had been filled with. 

Early fans of "Moment of Silence" had to wait a while before I reliesed a piece powerfully suited to hang next to it. That piece came after a long slow sunrise had a similar impact on me and "Awakening" was conceived. At shows, I always feature them together. I have trouble now imagining them apart.  

"Moment of Silence" is a striking addition to almost any room. Gentle enough for a country kitchen or to brighten a long hallway, powerful enough to hold a living room on its shoulders. As I mentioned above, it is particularly powerful when hung next to "Awakening", which it both compliments and contrasts simultaneously. 

The original piece was done using an acrylic ink paint on watercolor paper. The technique is very similar to watercolor but tends to keep more vibrant hews and dries permanently to the paper.

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Tags: birds, orange
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