Don't look back

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"Don't Look Back" is part of the second wave of the Feminine Spirits series and represents a minor departure in theme from those who have come before. "DLB" is the feminine spirit in transition. We all face those times in our lives when we must cut our ties with something that once had great importance in our lives, but which is now holding us back. Wether it be a lover, a friend, a job, a habit or even an old pair of jeans...sometimes the hardest thing in life is letting go. "Don't Look Back" represents the inner strength we call on to move on when we know we must. 

Despite sharing complimentary colors with a wide array of Olga's other work, and being a member of her largest series, "Don't Look Back" has a fiercely independent theme that lends itself to holding a wall all by itself. When she is paired, it is usually with "Morning Glory" or "Tiny Dancer", both of whom strongly represent the freedom that results from having made difficult choices. 

 "Don't Look Back" is striking enough for many different environments, but I recommend it be hung in the place you go for introspection or where you are faced with your toughest decisions. Her's is the face of confidence in times of peril. She is strength in the storm. 

The original piece was done using an acrylic ink paint on watercolor paper. The technique is very similar to watercolor but tends to keep more vibrant hews and dries permanently to the paper.

The copyright watermark will not appear in the print you receive.
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