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"Awakening" was inspired by that amazing few minutes just before the sun actually peaks over the horizon.There's a stillness in the air as darkness gives way to a deep blue haze. I wonder if any animal senses the excitement and power of these moments as much as birds do. Sometimes I think I might.

"Awakening" finds its natural mate when hung with "Moment of Silence". While Awakening is the dawn, Moment of Silence is dusk. Strangely, the rich diversity of color doesn't clash, but generates a united mood of peace and tranquility.

These two together belong in a living room or large office; somewhere they can do more than be admired...somewhere they can be soaked in.

Unlike the vast majority of my work, the original "Awakening" was done using acrylic paint on stretched canvas; a fairly significant departure from my ink on watercolor paper pieces, for which I am best known.

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