These are 4 inch square coasters featuring an original watercolor painting by Olga Cuttell. The coasters are made of hard, laser-cut, MDF board and have rounded corners with a cork bottom. Olga painted the original artwork and then Oladesign applies a miniaturized print to the coaster using a process called dye-sublimation. The result is a strikingly colourful and remarkably durable coaster made right in my studio in BC Canada. It is resistant to heat, cold, moister, scratching and even reasonable impact (not guaranteed for use as a frisbee - as my daughter proved recently).
Coasters can be bought as singles, so you can mix and match your own sets. Common themes include "Bird Lovers" (birds and more birds), "Going Wild" (animals of Canada or the world) and my favourite: "The Four Seasons of Mother Nature" (spring, summer, fall, winter themed Ladies). Naturally, I don't object to selling a single unmatched coaster, but I've always thought it was a shame to enjoy these beauties alone.
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