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Welcome to the New Oladesign Site & Store

Welcome to Oladesign!


We are both excited and pleased to announce the launching of our new website!

Inside you will find the artwork of Olga Cuttell featured in multiple formats, from paper and canvas giclee prints, to a variety of practical items, such phone case for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models. While we are only able to present three products for the launch (Prints, Phone Cases and Greeting Cards), Oladesign fans should expect more to come soon; including our ever popular Pocket Mirrors, Glass Pendants and Coaster Sets. As well, Oladesign is expanding to present new - never before seen - products, such as semitransparent glass tiles for window mounting; all of which will be available here first!

As well, and for the first time online, Oladesign fans can browse through the list of New Work and Available Originals. Photos of these originals is in the works, but you should feel free to inquire about anything at any time. For questions, inquires or requests please contact us.

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